With winter comes changes

On our farm winter means the chores are changing. Gone are checking the garden , picking the flowers, and sitting on the hill except on a sunny day while checking fences. The focus now goes to making sure the water is busted through for the cattle and the calves are doing well. The weaned calves will need extra care, while their moms still sometimes raise their voice to say “where are you”. The field fences will be taken up and the cattle brought down closer to the house. The pond has a shallow end and the bigger cattle can bust it fine. The little ones, I will be in charge of ,busting the waters daily, feed and my best eye on the watch for their health.

When my hubby's dad was running the farm he used this same set up to pull up and put down the electric fence.
Hubby, using his dads old tractor along with the fencing tool, his father and brother made years ago.
Cattle in the fields ,before winter took away the color of the leaves. The view is one of my favorite spots.
So very pretty year round.

The winter will bring ice, snow and cold. I will be using the cab tractor , to feed out hay and any fences that I can drive it along. I will be warmer, I’m glad of that. Last year I slowly learned and hubby has made things even easier for me to handle this winter. I love helping him, so thankful for him. I praise God everyday for our almost 46 years together and a few months 45 years married. I’ll talk more on that come Feb.

So much easier this year and warmer.

I love our family homestead farm. Thank you so much for your time, God bless.

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