First flood of 2020 !

Well, the rains have passed for now. With the 5.3 inches of rain we received, it will also bring flooding on the farm. We had light flooding last night before we went to bed. When I got up at 2:30 the fog had settled and I couldn’t see how much we have raised.

Starting to flood, Jan 2020
At a stand still

They have changed the process of how or who reads the levels a few years back. Their readings don’t match what was in place before. Living on this farm for so many years, we have learned the markers on our property. They tell us where the water here should be and at what hight the reading at the dam is. They changed! Our markers have been used for over 60 yrs. They were the ones shown by their parents who passed them down to us. So we are making notes. For the next time maybe, lol

Road is blocked and at 11.9 the fencing is under.

I’ll be keeping a watch on the floodwaters behind the house. The water will be raised above our regular fences and electric fence. Our main goal is to keep all 12 calves on this side of the water. That’s the most important thing so they don’t get closed off from the feeders and us.

The pond bank! This was the 5.3 inches that we got. Left side pond and right side where we drive around it.
So thankful it didn’t go over.

Yesterday the floodwaters crested, ending us with an 11.9 flood stage. It did close the road south of us, but we could still get out the other way. We’re going into a cold snap which would of made it harder if we had to boat across. So thankful we didn’t get higher.

When the water is at the top of the black tape, it is on the road.

The water is going down and so far the fencing is ok toward the pond now just has to clear the woven fence. It didn’t take in a lot of trash, or large limbs so we are hoping the water takes it all back out to the river.

The temps in the low 20s. glad it’s going down. Ice weighs on the fence as it goes back out and can pull it down.

Sunday Jan 19th. The water today is going out pretty fast. It has stayed around 16 F all day. Looks like the calves done fine and fences are in tack. Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

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