New look and critters on the farm

There has been a few changes here on the farm. If you didn’t notice our named changed and our logo. With this season of life, we are doing some restructure here . We added chickens and quail to the farm. Like our cows they will be used for eggs and meat. I really am enjoying them but I’m also learning the quail. Chicken I have raised for over 30 years, Quail are a different thing. So far so good.

New to our farm ,4 adult females, 1male and 3, 5 week old females
adult quail
Hope to find out who laid what, lol

Our other new critters are new chicks. they were born April 27th and are almost 6 weeks old. They grow fast! I bought Blue Red Laced Wyandotte , French Copper Marans, Brahma, and Easter eggers. I had ordered them in Jan, who knew ! Glad I did. Love them all.

I can’t leave out the spring calves, or the geese who came to raise their young.

There are more changes to come, but for now I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and God Bless! Don&Sherry

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