The Sun Shine makes my heart sing…..

HANG the laundry and let it whip in the wind!!!!!!! YES, I’m that girl! The one who goes out before dawn to feed , the one who loves to dance in the rain, the one who loves to laugh when no one is looking and the one who can smile when she sees you and cry when she turns away!!!!!! A girl who has hope for our future, tired of all the negative and just wants to hang laundry, go for walks and clean as beans are cooking in the crock pot. That’s me for the day!

With the sun, came the melting snow of the winter vortex. Now we have mud in the chicken house and dirty chicken feet next to my eggs. I’ve been putting in extra shavings by the door to help and deeper in the nesting boxes. Today I let them out early to play in the sun ,as I like to let them graze in the afternoon until dark. We have a young eagle that is learning to hunt, so I’m glad I kept my 3 roosters. The girls like the sun and love to find hiding places in the barn. When I heard them doing their egg delivery in the barn I decided to go see where they were going to lay. If I let them out after 2 most of them have laid their egg in the hen house. Today was special…..the Sun was shining .

(3-5). Today was a great day, sun was still shining and chores were fun. Started it doing housework as always then got to hay. To some that might be like ,what? How could that be fun? Well i learned something new. The bucket was on the big tractor, and i needed the bale spear. I had never changed things on the big tractor, but i have watched hubby do it. It took me a little longer to do, but i did it and yes i was proud!!!!

The next thing was to load the bales and put them into the feeder.

It took me twice as long as what it would by my hubby. Now that’s one thing he doesn’t have to do tonight, and something I learned to do if I had too. I also get to go egg hunting if i let the girls out too soon to range. Lol have a wonderful day

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