New look and critters on the farm

New look and critters on the farm

There has been a few changes here on the farm. If you didn’t notice our named changed and our logo. With this season of life, we are doing some restructure here . We added chickens and quail to the farm. Like our cows they will be used for eggs and meat. I really am enjoying them but I’m also learning the quail. Chicken I have raised for over 30 years, Quail are a different thing. So far so good.

New to our farm ,4 adult females, 1male and 3, 5 week old females
adult quail
Hope to find out who laid what, lol

Our other new critters are new chicks. they were born April 27th and are almost 6 weeks old. They grow fast! I bought Blue Red Laced Wyandotte , French Copper Marans, Brahma, and Easter eggers. I had ordered them in Jan, who knew ! Glad I did. Love them all.

I can’t leave out the spring calves, or the geese who came to raise their young.

There are more changes to come, but for now I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and God Bless! Don&Sherry

First flood of 2020 !

First flood of 2020 !

Well, the rains have passed for now. With the 5.3 inches of rain we received, it will also bring flooding on the farm. We had light flooding last night before we went to bed. When I got up at 2:30 the fog had settled and I couldn’t see how much we have raised.

Starting to flood, Jan 2020
At a stand still

They have changed the process of how or who reads the levels a few years back. Their readings don’t match what was in place before. Living on this farm for so many years, we have learned the markers on our property. They tell us where the water here should be and at what hight the reading at the dam is. They changed! Our markers have been used for over 60 yrs. They were the ones shown by their parents who passed them down to us. So we are making notes. For the next time maybe, lol

Road is blocked and at 11.9 the fencing is under.

I’ll be keeping a watch on the floodwaters behind the house. The water will be raised above our regular fences and electric fence. Our main goal is to keep all 12 calves on this side of the water. That’s the most important thing so they don’t get closed off from the feeders and us.

The pond bank! This was the 5.3 inches that we got. Left side pond and right side where we drive around it.
So thankful it didn’t go over.

Yesterday the floodwaters crested, ending us with an 11.9 flood stage. It did close the road south of us, but we could still get out the other way. We’re going into a cold snap which would of made it harder if we had to boat across. So thankful we didn’t get higher.

When the water is at the top of the black tape, it is on the road.

The water is going down and so far the fencing is ok toward the pond now just has to clear the woven fence. It didn’t take in a lot of trash, or large limbs so we are hoping the water takes it all back out to the river.

The temps in the low 20s. glad it’s going down. Ice weighs on the fence as it goes back out and can pull it down.

Sunday Jan 19th. The water today is going out pretty fast. It has stayed around 16 F all day. Looks like the calves done fine and fences are in tack. Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

Summer changes W/Hopes and dreams

This summer has been a whirl wind of change. Our youngest daughter and last child married, started her new journey as wife this past August. Her and her new hubbies wedding was gorgeous . It was done outside and her dad got to drive her to the small field where she would change from our little girl to a woman with hope and dreams.

I really do miss my children, every one could come here and be welcome. Dad and I know we have to let them grow, we raised them to be strong, and trusting in the Lord. Now we have to be strong and trust the Lord because this momma doesn’t like empty nest at all.

I have been trying to keep busy, and the Lord made sure I was. Canning season brought change and a new challenge to me. I have been a mom with kids in my house for 45 yrs. I am now very busy putting up the harvest and even learning to make new dishes for two. That’s another page on my blog, but for now back to my canning.

The starting of my canning adventure. Notice the truck full of green bean plants! Yelp the Lord put me to work on another project. I am a canning fool!!!!

Greenbean day!
Sitting under a shade tree, fan blowing, crate to help me up onto the truck . Loving it!

Hubby set me up with a fan, under the shade tree. Got me some ice tea, a crate to get in and out of the truck bed. I have an old plastic table cloth to throw the plants on when I am finished pulling the beans. I worked from 7:30 that morning until after midnight with those beans. I went to the farmers market to get sweetcorn , then to my moms to get the beans. My brother had started pulling plants by the time I got there and by 9am I was headed home and in my spot.

The jars started that day and by the time I’m writing this, I have canned 82 qts of green beans.

Then the maters started,

I’m at 56 qts and still canning, lol

I have done ,peaches, apple pie filling, brown beans. I dehydrated tomato slices, mushrooms, lemons, zucchini, okra, peppers to name a few. Frozen 9 dz. ears of corn and My pantry is the fullest that it has ever been with mostly homegrown food.

apple for pies

Like I said it was a change for us and I’m so thankful, to be busy. I love my farm life, garden, tending cattle and just growing with the Lord, knowing He has my back, through all my changes. Bless you and thank you for your visit.

Learning to use the loader

Well the week went pretty good. I learned to do some new things. Besides growing our food, and raising our animals, we have other things we have to do. Having cattle, comes fencing. The floods not only took out fence, the wind and rain also brought down dead trees.

Sherry learning how to use the bucket of the small tractor.

You can’t see the fence, because it is down. Hubby was at work, and when he gets home, his plate is full. I decided to help him by cleaning up all I can. I went and got the tractor and started. I picked up my first load, and was taking it over to the fence to dump it over. This was the first time I used the loader, I was a little on the scared side.

This was the field when I was finished. The ones left behind are to big for me to lift. I was afraid with the fence around them, I would make a worse mess pushing them.