How are we and the farm doing?

I’ve been staying in place since I help care for two wonderful people, that are health compromised. One is 92 and keeps telling me that she has lived through many days without all this fuss. I don’t even have words for that, lol. As long as I can keep her on her legs and not on her butt, it’s a good day. Dons’ brother is doing great after his stemcell replacement but still needs to take more precautions and get out into the air more. These two are used to going to church and seeing friends. They miss it

The farm is growing every day. We got new chicks in April. You can see below in the picture they should be laying pretty soon. I have two extra roos, not sure yet which one will win my heart.

Don used the long weekend to start his fall cutting of hay. We are so excited, so far it is doing pretty good. We thank the Lord, the weather hasn’t been very good to a lot of farmers around here. Now many are getting blessed.

So far 155 bales, still cutting. Praise the Lord !!
A few babies

Everyone have a wonderful night, and God bless you.

New look and critters on the farm

New look and critters on the farm

There has been a few changes here on the farm. If you didn’t notice our named changed and our logo. With this season of life, we are doing some restructure here . We added chickens and quail to the farm. Like our cows they will be used for eggs and meat. I really am enjoying them but I’m also learning the quail. Chicken I have raised for over 30 years, Quail are a different thing. So far so good.

New to our farm ,4 adult females, 1male and 3, 5 week old females
adult quail
Hope to find out who laid what, lol

Our other new critters are new chicks. they were born April 27th and are almost 6 weeks old. They grow fast! I bought Blue Red Laced Wyandotte , French Copper Marans, Brahma, and Easter eggers. I had ordered them in Jan, who knew ! Glad I did. Love them all.

I can’t leave out the spring calves, or the geese who came to raise their young.

There are more changes to come, but for now I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, and God Bless! Don&Sherry